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Safety Tips for Online Shopping

By shopping online, you’re not limited by store hours or long lines. But there are security risks when filling your virtual cart from the comforts of home.

When buying online, consider these tips from the Federal Trade Commission for safer—and ultimately less stressful—shopping:

  • Do Your Research. Ask yourself a few questions before making a purchase. Have you bought anything from this store before? Do you know their policies regarding delivery and returns? Have you read at least a few online reviews of the product?
  • Be Aware of Possible Scams. Never email any financial information when making a purchase. All payment information should be done through a secure URL, so look for an https on the payment page of the site. That “s” stands for secure. If you see any red flags, such as odd pop-ups, requests for unrelated personal information or if the site isn’t working properly, take your business elsewhere.
  • Monitor Your Accounts. Save receipts, emails and other communication about your purchase. Review your monthly billing or online account activity as soon as it’s available to ensure all charges are correct.
  • Respond Quickly to Any Issues. If you notice fraudulent or suspicious charges, contact the seller and your credit or debit card company right away. File a report with the Federal Trade Commission or your state Attorney General if the issue is not resolved.

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Visit the Federal Trade Commission or US-CERT for more information.

If you suspect fraud on your bank accounts with Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company, call (800) 246-2415 right away.


For additional resources, visit our Security Center.